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Foshan Lot Yes Co., Ltd is a leading provider of high-quality LED products and solutions. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and technological innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the LED industry. Our extensive product range, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service make us the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable LED solutions.

Products and Solutions:

We offer a comprehensive range of LED products for various applications. Our product portfolio includes:

1.LED Display Screens: We provide a wide selection of LED display screens, including indoor, outdoor, and rental displays. These displays offer stunning visuals, high resolution, and excellent color reproduction, making them ideal for advertising, events, and fixed installation.

2.LED Control Systems: We offer advanced LED control systems, including controllers, software, and accessories. These systems enable seamless management, control, and content customization for LED displays, ensuring engaging and dynamic visual experiences.

3. Customization Services: In addition to our standard product offerings, we specialize in providing customized LED solutions like Special-shaped screen, curved display, 90 degree angle display based on our clients' specific requirements. Our team works closely with customers for design, develop, and implement bespoke LED solutions that meet your unique needs.


1.How do you control quality?

We are very strict and serious about product quality, which is the lifeblood

of our enterprise. We have a complete set of systematic quality control

processes, ranging from controlling the quality of upstream raw materials to

controlling the quality of all aspects from production, to various inspections

and tests before shipment, to ensure excellent product quality ultimately

reaching customers.

2.What certificate do you have?

We passed the SGS factory evaluation and audit, and the entire series of products have passed CE, FCC, ROHS, CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, and other tests and obtained certificate.

Contact Us:
To learn more about our LED products and solutions or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us at:

Foshan Lot Yes Co., Ltd
Address: No.14B0811, 08F, Bldg 14B, No. 2, Guangfo City, No. 85, Lingnan Rd, Dali Town, Nanhai Dist, Foshan, China.
Phone: 86-13630102103
Email: Janet.Lam@lotyes.com

Website: fslotyes.com

Choose Lot Yes as your trusted LED partner and experience the power of cutting-edge LED technology for your business needs.


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