What are the characteristics of curved screen technology?


Thin and lightweight: The curved screen is manufactured using advanced technology, with a thinner thickness and lighter weight, making it easy to install and use.

High pixel density: Arc-shaped screens have a very high pixel density, providing high-definition images and videos, allowing viewers to experience a more delicate and realistic visual experience.

Display plane can be bent: The biggest feature of curved screens is that their display plane can be bent. This curved screen design can better adapt to different shapes of display spaces and provide more flexible installation methods.

Immersive experience: Due to the special design of the curved screen, the audience can have a broader perspective, and can see the complete picture from any angle without distortion, bringing a more immersive experience to the audience.

Low installation cost: The manufacturing cost of curved screens is relatively low, and the installation process is also relatively simple, which can save a lot of installation costs.

Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation: The curved screen is made of environmentally friendly materials, and due to its high pixel density, the energy consumption is relatively low, which is in line with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

In summary, curved screen technology has many advantages and characteristics that can be widely applied in various fields, providing more advanced and flexible display solutions.

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